Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to both of my cousins Jakob and Rachel!
Jakob my little man, my buddy, today you turn 2 years old,
it feels like just yesterday i was holding you and you were 2 months old,
you are growing up before our very eyes,
if any question about how fast you are growing,
we can all show you.
Now Rachel, my dear, my baby girl, yesterday you turned 3 years old,
you are doing so great walking even with the feet problems you have,
you are an amazing little miracle girl.
I can tell you both will grow up to do amazing things and be amazing people.
Happy Birthday and I love you. <3

Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm here,
But your not near,
I walk in fear,
In fear that you will come near,
I'm afraid you will come,
But I don't know where from,
I'm afraid you will hurt me,
For this is why I flee,
From you,
From the hurt too.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweet 16

16 years have come and gone,
16 years are leaving fast,
16 years and all I have is my friends,
16 years of a very hard time,
16 years and I can live,
16 years and living like $h!t,
This isn't right,
This isn't fair,
How can you just look and stare?
This isn't right,
This isn't fair,
How can you just look and stare?
A girl on her sweet 16,
And she isn't free,
She lives like a cloud covers her life,
Her sweet 16 is nothing but work with no play,
She hides behind the fake smile she does so well,
While she will always dwell.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do You?

Do you love me?
Did you love our family?
Did you care if we suffered?
Did you even want to stay?
Did you purposefully go away?
These are a few of the little questions that go through my head,
As a year creeps up on us very fast,
I don't want to blame you because I know it's not your fault,
But at the same time I feel as though you left us without a fight,
Which I know is a lie,
You fought 8 long hard years,
But your killer was worse then a human,
It was the work of the big bad TOBACCO,
You made us loose him.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm haunted in my dreams,
In them I'm treated as a queen,
But I know it's just a dream because who would treat me anything but a piece of $h!t?
I try to make them happy by doing good and keeping fit,
But all I get is a kick,
They treat me like a piece of a stick.
I'm all alone,
I'm on my own.
All because you left.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hun I love you,
You make me feel like I've never felt before,
It's amazing how alive I feel when you love me,
We are in love some people say it's not true but we know otherwise,
I love you,
You love me,
We are together and will never part,
"Till death do us part",
We will prove that true,
I love you,
You love me.


7:30 we got the news,
the best news anyone could get,
little baby Romeo was brought into the world,
at a total weight of 9lbs 14oz he is a miracle,
but we love him and we always will,
I am auntie and he is nephew,
I love you Romeo keep healthy and stay wonderful <3

my wonderful loving cousin

I love you dear,
I wish you were here,
I don't want you to walk away,
I wish for you to stay,
When you leave my heart will no longer beat,
So instead i will walk on these beet feet.

I love you kerri please stay with me cuzz <3

Thursday, April 8, 2010

i will miss you

You said you want to go,
You say you want to leave,
You tell me you can't be here anymore.
I said I can't watch you go,
I said I can't watch you leave,
I told you I understand but I can't live without you.
I will miss you,
I will still need you,
I know I can't live without you,
Not now not ever.
I love you and I can't let you, watch you, or live with you leaving me

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my loving cuzz

You're leaving I understand but I know it's because you are doing what I told you to and following your heart,
You're leaving I should know it's going to hurt but still I sit here and won't let it in,
You're leaving and I know one day again we will be side by side together again,
You're my loving, caring, smart, and loyal cuzzin,
But wait that's not all,
She's my best friend and when I think all hope is at loss,
When I think nobody else cares,
She finds a way to say the excact right thing at the excact right time,
I love you cuzz forever millions of miles apart and we will still be as close as if we were right side by side everytime <3


We miss you Sky,
We miss you,
You were me first pet, the first one to ever listen,
You were my pup then my hunter then my friend,
We had you for almost 12 years then you left,
You lived long and we had fun,
We went for walks and we talked and played since you were little,
Then you left and it hurt but it had to happen.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Have you ever loved someone so much you just couldn't let them go?
This is how I feel now, So here's the story
I love my cousin very very much but she is moving away,
We have been through A LOT together and I find out she is moving but not from here I found out from her best friend,
I asked her about it and found out that it was true,
but i still don't understand why she didn't tell me herself,
It hurt me a lot to know we went through so much together but she is leaving,
It's her choice but she is leaving all her family and friends,
But what for?
Can anyone explain this to me because I don't understand it?
It hurt me so badly to the point she didn't want to talk to me when I wanted to talk to her,
I feel like I'm getting stabbed in the back because I help her but what do I get in return?
But her running away when I want to talk,
Although I am hurt and upset with her i still do love her because she will always be my family


You say I'm addicted,
I say I'm in love.
I say you're addicted,
You say you're in love.
People say we are addicted to each other,
But we say we are in love with each other.
You say we will get sick of each other,
But you don't even know how we really feel.
We go through life looking at the people that judge us,
And we smile at them.
I Love You Kris ♥

Friday, April 2, 2010

i love you

You make me love like I never thought was possible,
I hope you never leave me,
I can't imagine life without you in it,
You make me laugh when all I want to do is cry,
You turn the frown upside down,
You make me feel like I've never been loved before in my life.
I love you and nothing will ever change that ever <3

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I don't want you to go,
I don't want you to leave,
I won't let you.
You were here,
We went through everything together.
And now you want to just pick up and leave everything behind?
In less then 5 months I won't only loose my cuzz but also my best friend.
We can be completely dumb and look awesome at the same time.
I'm going to miss you my friend, my cuzz, and my everything.