Monday, October 17, 2011

symbolic poem- home/river

Home a place of comfort and serenity,
Home a place of hell and hurt,
Home love filled building,
Home hatred filled building,
Home something to look forward to,
Home something to fear.

Cross the river and climb the mountain of adventure,
Cross the river again and fall into the canyon of doom,
Cross the river and go up to the amazement of learning,
Cross the river again and fall into the nightmare of ignorance,
Cross the river one last time and up the mountain to love,
Cross it again and fall into the canyon of hatred.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


babe when I look in your eyes I see the future,
when I feel your touch I feel the warmth like the sun shining down on me,
when your lips touch mine its like I've grown wings and started to fly,
when you wrap me in your arms it's like a blanket of security,
when we are together,
I see forever <3
your amazing babe :)