Monday, December 12, 2011


my head and heart have been hurt time and time again, but this is different, this isn't hurt this is like a drilling like a pounding, please stop we yell please go away, but who listens to the cries? to the lies we tell to keep us alive. to keep us running. to keep us living for one more day. no knowing if its our last. why won't anyone come save us? why do they ignore?
we yell every night we scream and scream for help. hoping for the one day that they say its ok. please come take us away please bring us away. she lays on her bed thinking with the knife in her hand. should i? it needs to stop all the hurting all the lies all the cries. her sister walks in and asks what are you doing? she looks up with tears in her eyes and says its ok baby ill always be right here. she points to the small childs heart and smiles. the little girl looks up and says no you can't you need to stay with me. the little child cries and hopes she got through to her big sister. she lays on the bed with her big sister and watches. the girl gets up crying and puts the knife back on her dads work bench and lays back down with her sister crying themselves to sleep as she drifts off to sleep she keeps whispering to her baby girl youll never lose your big sister. ill be right here to help you through this. we will get out someday.


Eyes open,
Open wide,
You open up and take,
My life,
My hopes,
My dreams,
But most of all,
You take my mom.
The one that gave me life,
I wish you could see,
Could feel,
Could see the hurt you cause,
Could feel the pain you left behind.