Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My true feelings about him

i love him and i dont want to ever let him go he's my life and my everything i dont ever want him to leave my side i love him more then anything i love him more then the world if i had to choose between him or the world it would b him in a heartbeat im not sure what this is called but i know no matter what anyone says i'm in love. If you know what i'm talking about please leave a comment and explain what your going through i would love to hear it. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i love u hunny

i love u hun i miss u more then anything ur my life my heart my soul my reason 2 live everytime i c u i find a new reason 2 fall in love with u again its amazing and idk wat id do without u hun u keep me up wen im down u keep my chin held high wen ik it wants 2 come crashing down u r my every reason 2 b here i nvr want 2 no life without u in it