Tuesday, March 29, 2011

baby i don't know how you do it,
baby i don't care what you do,
baby you make me smile,
baby you make me cry,
but baby don't you ever forget this one thing,
i love you now and forever i will never stop,
you are my man,
and your baby girl is what i am,
that is what i will always be,
baby you are my life,
baby you are everything to me,
never think anything less baby.

baby i love you so much you are so amazing to me <3


Baby you make me laugh,
you make me cry,
you make me wonder why,
why you chose me,
why you chose this,
when you could have so much better,
but i wont complain,
and i sure wont walk in shame.

baby i love you so much <3

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

how i truly feel

you make me smile when i want to scream,
you make me laugh when i want to cry,
i dont know just how to explain,
but im not going to complain,
you are the only one,
who makes the rain turn into sun,
even though we just met,
i feel like its a new sun set. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm knocking,
i'm praying,
i'm hoping,
i'm wishing,
i try to talk to you,
you don't answer,
i try to show you,
you don't look,
i wish you were still here
you wouldn't let this happen,
since you left life has been rough,
rougher then before,
i wish you would make it stop,
they say it will get better,
but when?
it just keeps getting worse,
i miss you,
i love you,
grampa i wish you were here with us still
RIP Donald C Corson 7/17/09 <3 :'(

heart broken

you hurt me,
you ripped my heart out of my chest,
you threw it in my face and laughed,
but yet for some reason i still care,
i dont understand this,
why did you lie?
and for 7 months?
i dont understand,
how could you do that when you knew my love was true,
you took it for granted. :(

the dream

you pick me up when im down,
you make my head spin around,
you drive my heart to no compare,
yet i know you may not always be there,
i dont know what it is,
but something there makes me fizz,
i want to know you wont leave,
but i know all this is just a dream.