Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I will

I will rise,
rise above them,
above every hater,
I will be there,
through thick and thin,
through the tough and easy,
I will soar,
soar through the sky,
soar into your arms,
I will live,
live my life to the fullest,
live my life without them in it.

holocaust poem

It feels like they are tearing,
at skin,
at clothes,
and worst of all at life,
the only thing keeping us here,
is each other,
they want us dead but we live,
don’t give up,
push through,
don’t give in,
live through,
‘till liberty,
but wait mommy?
where are they?
have to keep pushing through.


someday I'll be tall,
and no longer small,
someday I'll fly,
so very very high in the sky,
someday I'll be,
more than you can see,
someday you will see,
everything I will be.