Monday, December 12, 2011


my head and heart have been hurt time and time again, but this is different, this isn't hurt this is like a drilling like a pounding, please stop we yell please go away, but who listens to the cries? to the lies we tell to keep us alive. to keep us running. to keep us living for one more day. no knowing if its our last. why won't anyone come save us? why do they ignore?
we yell every night we scream and scream for help. hoping for the one day that they say its ok. please come take us away please bring us away. she lays on her bed thinking with the knife in her hand. should i? it needs to stop all the hurting all the lies all the cries. her sister walks in and asks what are you doing? she looks up with tears in her eyes and says its ok baby ill always be right here. she points to the small childs heart and smiles. the little girl looks up and says no you can't you need to stay with me. the little child cries and hopes she got through to her big sister. she lays on the bed with her big sister and watches. the girl gets up crying and puts the knife back on her dads work bench and lays back down with her sister crying themselves to sleep as she drifts off to sleep she keeps whispering to her baby girl youll never lose your big sister. ill be right here to help you through this. we will get out someday.


Eyes open,
Open wide,
You open up and take,
My life,
My hopes,
My dreams,
But most of all,
You take my mom.
The one that gave me life,
I wish you could see,
Could feel,
Could see the hurt you cause,
Could feel the pain you left behind.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


You were just a dream just a light in my heart but then you came out and started talking to me but I never would have known that this is where we would be today that we could be this for me "we" were just a dream nothing that I could ever touch just in my head and dreams but now "we" to me is a reality its my life my heart and my dreams for me "we" is my life as I know it now

on top

We are the 2 that most people never would have seen together... but we proved tot hem that we are strong enough... that we can make it that its our life and this is how we want to live it...don't you ever forget that it won't be over we will always have haters but then we will also have lovers...we will go through everyone and come out on top...on top of the haters...we will walk to the top...we will stand on the world with our arms in the air and fist waving telling them we told you...they don't want to believe? let 'em we will make it...thorough all else we will survive....WE WILL COME OUT ABOVE ALL ELSE. i love you babe

Monday, October 17, 2011

symbolic poem- home/river

Home a place of comfort and serenity,
Home a place of hell and hurt,
Home love filled building,
Home hatred filled building,
Home something to look forward to,
Home something to fear.

Cross the river and climb the mountain of adventure,
Cross the river again and fall into the canyon of doom,
Cross the river and go up to the amazement of learning,
Cross the river again and fall into the nightmare of ignorance,
Cross the river one last time and up the mountain to love,
Cross it again and fall into the canyon of hatred.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


babe when I look in your eyes I see the future,
when I feel your touch I feel the warmth like the sun shining down on me,
when your lips touch mine its like I've grown wings and started to fly,
when you wrap me in your arms it's like a blanket of security,
when we are together,
I see forever <3
your amazing babe :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I will

I will rise,
rise above them,
above every hater,
I will be there,
through thick and thin,
through the tough and easy,
I will soar,
soar through the sky,
soar into your arms,
I will live,
live my life to the fullest,
live my life without them in it.

holocaust poem

It feels like they are tearing,
at skin,
at clothes,
and worst of all at life,
the only thing keeping us here,
is each other,
they want us dead but we live,
don’t give up,
push through,
don’t give in,
live through,
‘till liberty,
but wait mommy?
where are they?
have to keep pushing through.


someday I'll be tall,
and no longer small,
someday I'll fly,
so very very high in the sky,
someday I'll be,
more than you can see,
someday you will see,
everything I will be.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


You make me happy,
You make me fly,
You make me happy to think,
You are still here by my side,
I stay strong,
For you,
For them,
But I only can for so long,
Then i fall.


I love you,
I hold your memories like a piece of gold in my heart,
I won't let them take it away,
and I won't let them fly away,
I will hold them close,
I won't ever let them soar,
Won't let them escape,
not till we meet again,
not till we are together again,
I love you Grampa. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday

You aren't here,
But you will always be near,
You will always be in my heart,
You will always be in my dreams,
Grampa you are never gone,
You would be proud,
I hope,
I'm trying,
To keep your memory alive,
But with them trying to ripe it away,
I don't know what to do anymore,
This guy,
Grampa you would tell me to hold on tight to him,
And trust me even though you aren't here to tell me I'm listening,
if you tell me I will listen I have so far,
and i always will. For you. For him. I love you. I miss you. I will see you again.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

baby i don't know how you do it,
baby i don't care what you do,
baby you make me smile,
baby you make me cry,
but baby don't you ever forget this one thing,
i love you now and forever i will never stop,
you are my man,
and your baby girl is what i am,
that is what i will always be,
baby you are my life,
baby you are everything to me,
never think anything less baby.

baby i love you so much you are so amazing to me <3


Baby you make me laugh,
you make me cry,
you make me wonder why,
why you chose me,
why you chose this,
when you could have so much better,
but i wont complain,
and i sure wont walk in shame.

baby i love you so much <3

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

how i truly feel

you make me smile when i want to scream,
you make me laugh when i want to cry,
i dont know just how to explain,
but im not going to complain,
you are the only one,
who makes the rain turn into sun,
even though we just met,
i feel like its a new sun set. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm knocking,
i'm praying,
i'm hoping,
i'm wishing,
i try to talk to you,
you don't answer,
i try to show you,
you don't look,
i wish you were still here
you wouldn't let this happen,
since you left life has been rough,
rougher then before,
i wish you would make it stop,
they say it will get better,
but when?
it just keeps getting worse,
i miss you,
i love you,
grampa i wish you were here with us still
RIP Donald C Corson 7/17/09 <3 :'(

heart broken

you hurt me,
you ripped my heart out of my chest,
you threw it in my face and laughed,
but yet for some reason i still care,
i dont understand this,
why did you lie?
and for 7 months?
i dont understand,
how could you do that when you knew my love was true,
you took it for granted. :(

the dream

you pick me up when im down,
you make my head spin around,
you drive my heart to no compare,
yet i know you may not always be there,
i dont know what it is,
but something there makes me fizz,
i want to know you wont leave,
but i know all this is just a dream.