Monday, March 15, 2010

grampa i miss you

i miss you, i need you here, why did you leave me? i know you were very sick, i hope you feel better now, but i miss you, i wish you were still here, with me, with dad, with the whole family especially with grammy, she really needs you ya know. we all do. we miss you more then anything. for almost 16 yrs you were with me everyday then one day you just left and i didn't get to say goodbye. i know you're still here with me because i can feel it. i can feel you here trying to help me through everything but its not the same. i need you here. i miss you. i need you. why did you have to leave me? why did you have to leave us? i wish i could have said goodbye but i didn't get there fast enough after the phone call. i cry every night wishing you were here, wishing i could talk to you again, laugh with you again, i wish you were here to help me with everything thats been going on. i wish you were here but you don't come, i pray for you to come back but you don't answer, i want you to help me but i guess you don't want to help me.

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